What's New at Tech CU...

Telephone Teller - Service Ends June 30th

After decades of service, Telephone Teller will no longer be available after June 30, 2017. For many years, it was a good way to access accounts and conduct transactions. Over the last several years, Mobile Banking services have become so simple to use that many Telephone Teller users have made the switch. In addition, many Telephone Teller users also use Online Banking and customizable alert messages. Visit the Mobile & Online Banking services pages to learn more. Need help getting started? Call our Web Services staff at 1-800-276-8324 extension 111.

Tech Debit Alerts

Real-time transaction alerts are now available to all Tech Check Card members. Our Tech Debit Alerts service let's you monitor your debit card activiites to stay informed and quickly detect fraudulent transactions. You choose which transaction types you want to monitor and the type of notification you would like to receive for each. Activate your Tech Debit Alerts today.

Mobile Wallets

Make quick, secure Tech Check Card payments using your smartphone and a mobile wallet. We offer Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay for easy, private transactions at participaing retailers.

Tech CU Voted "Best Credit Union"

Thank you for voting us "Best Credit Union" in The Times and Post Tribune newspaper 2016 reader surveys! This is the third consecutive year the credit union has won the designation in The Times "Best of the Region" survey and the second consecutive year in the Post Tribune's "Neighbors Choice Awards". Tech CU also received a runner-up award in the Northwest Indiana Business Quarterly magazine's "Best Of" reader survey. We appreciate the support of our membership and the vote of confidence. And most of all..thank you for your business!