Mobile Wallets

Make quick, secure Tech Check Card payments using your smartphone and a mobile wallet. Tech CU offers Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay for easy, private transactions at participating retailers.

Adding your Tech Check Card to a mobile wallet tends to be a more secure means to make purchases. Instead of using your actual card information, wallets use encrypted keys that are passed during the transaction. This helps reduce the chance that your card information could be accessed or stolen. Plus, you'll still get all the benefits and securities your Tech Check Card provides.

  • Tech CU does not charge a fee for mobile wallet transactions.1
  • Your Tech Check Card terms and conditions apply to mobile wallet transactions.
  • Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay are available for specific Apple, Android and Samsung devices. Visit manufacturer's website for current compatible mobile devices.
  • Hundreds of thousands of retailers accept mobile wallet payments.
  • Anytime you're issued a new Tech Check Card, you'll need to re-enter that card information in your mobile wallet.

Adding your Tech Check Card to a Mobile Wallet.

In just a few steps, you can can add your Tech Check Card to a Mobile Wallet and begin using it immediately to pay for purchases at participating retailers.

  • Download, or locate, the Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay mobile app on your compatible mobile device.
  • Open the app and follow the prompts to add your Tech Check Card to the mobile wallet. You may be prompted to call to complete the authorization process.
  • To make a payment at a retailer, open your mobile wallet, select Tech Check Card, and then use either your finger print or device PIN to complete the transaction using your device. You may be asked by the retailer to enter your Tech Check Card PIN at the register.

For Mobile Wallet support please call (855) 887-3937 menu option 4.


1Data fees may apply from your wireless carrier.