Tech Debit Alerts

With Tech Debit Alerts you can quickly detect fraudulent use of your Tech Check Card. These real-time alerts from Tech CU let you monitor debit card activities such as retail purchases, internet/phone transactions, international purchases, ATM transactions, and gas station purchases. Best of all, these alerts are FREE1 for all Tech Check Card members.

Sign up for any one or all of these alert options:

  • Email - alert message is delivered to your email address.
  • Text message - alert message is sent to your mobile phone.1
  • Push Notification - alert message is presented via mobile app on your smartphone's screen.1

Alerts are customizable to allow you to choose which transactions you want to monitor and what type of notification you would like to receive for each. Tech Debit Alerts is an easy way to stay informed and protect your account.2

1Data or text message fees may apply from your wireless carrier. 2You will need to activate alerts on your card anytime your card number changes.


Activate Your Alerts Today

Download the "Tech Debit Alerts" mobile app for Apple devices from the App Store or or the "Tech Debit Alerts" mobile app for Android devices from Google Play.

Don't have a smartphone?  Enroll online to activate email or text alerts.

Need help activating alerts? Call our Web Services staff at (800) 276-8324 extension 111.


Visa Debit Card Fraud Text Alerts

Tech Debit Card (Visa Debit) cardholders can receive free1 text message fraud alerts from Visa. These alerts are designed to notify cardholders of suspected fraudulent transactions via text message and allow cardholders to confirm whether the transaction(s) provided in the text are legitimate or fraud. If it is fraud, a Visa call center agent will call the number that was texted to review the transaction(s) in question. By receiving fraud alerts, you can further protect your account and assist in preventing fraudulent transactions on your card.

If you are a Tech Check Card member and have previously provided us with a mobile phone number, you are automatically enrolled in the Visa Debit Card Fraud Text Alert service. Please contact any branch if you would like to add a mobile number to your Tech CU account profile or if you would like to update your mobile phone number with us.

1Text message fees may apply from your wireless carrier.