Corporate Membership

As a corporate member group, your employees not only have access to the latest in banking and loan services, but access to financial wellness resources. As you know, employee financial wellbeing has significant benefits for all companies. Connecting people to financial wellness, providing better options, and keeping our member's best interests in mind is at the heart of everything we do.

Employee Awareness Program

This free benefit provides the services and resources to accomodate your employee's need for convenience, meet their financial challenges, and provide personal assistance whenever necessary. As a result, your employees spend less time worrying about financial matters. The bottom line is that your employees are more focused on their job, which helps you grow productivity.

What You Can Expect

  • Onsite Service Visits - Tech CU represenatives are available for staff meetings, benefits meetings, and company events. Onsite promotions are held throughout the year.
  • Information Packets - are an easy way to distribute Member Services brochures and promotional offers during new employee orientation and annual benefits meetings.
  • Flyers - are available for insertion into payroll envelopes or for use as handouts at employee meetings.
  • Posters - are available for display in employee break rooms and bulletin boards. They present the benefits of membership as well as branch locations.
  • Financial Wellness Program - Tech CU partnered with GreenPath Financial Wellness to offer personalized financial coaching to our membership. Services include budget creation, credit report review, mortgage readiness, debt management and personalized action plans. Members have free confidential access to accredited financial counselors (English and Spanish speaking) via phone during extended hours on weekdays and Saturday.

Become A Corporate Member Group Today!

This free benefit can start any time by submitting a Letter of Intent on your company's letterhead. Now is the time to enhance your employee benefits program. For more information, or to become a corporate member group, contact Betsy Granko at (800) 276-8324 extension 153 or email at